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The official opening of the international complex for the effective management of cattle manure.
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Today, in the midst of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the official opening of our project took place!!!
In three years we have created an environmentally safe manure processing system, which covers an area of 6.8 hectares!
Thanks to the project, liquid manure is stored in 4 sealed storages, each with a volume of 6000 M3, a total of 24000 m3 per 2000 heads.
This amount fully provides the pilot farm with a place to store liquid organic matter.
For the guests who could not come, we conducted an online activation and communicated with them remotely.
Representatives of state authorities from Russia and Finland participated in the zoom format. Among the guests we were glad to see Anna Popova, Deputy Director of the Department for the Development of Integration Projects and CIS Countries of the Ministry
of Economic Development of Russia, Igor Kapyrin, Deputy Director of the Department for Pan-European Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
On the part of the Republic of Finland in the zoom format participated:
Permanent Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry: Yaanna Husu-Kallio
Director of the Russia-Southeastern Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program Jukka-Pekka Bergman
Vice President of the Institute of Natural Resources of Finland, LUKE: Sirpa Thesler
Expert, LUKE: Paivi Kurki
Deputy Chairman of the Agroindustrial Complex Reshetov Andrey Eduardovich
Chairman of the Leningrad Region External Relations Committee Oleg Konovalov
All participants agreed on the relevance of replicating such complexes in the Leningrad Region and other regions.
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Participation in IAEP grant projects
The forge of young scientists @iaep_vim is not only engaged in scientific research for the benefit of agriculture, but also actively participates in international projects. Five of them are within the framework of the Russia-South-East Finland cross-border cooperation program and the Baltic Sea Region INTERREG program. (1 project) They are aimed at improving the environmental situation in the Baltic Sea and switching to energy-efficient agricultural technologies.
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Zoom link:
From January 18 to 19, a webinar will be held on the zoom platform as part of the Russia-South-East Finland EcoAgRAS and EFSOA cross-border cooperation project.
Webinar topic: Manure management practices and organic production.
Conference participants: Finnish Natural Resources Institute (LUKE)
Institute of Ecological and Agroengineering Problems of Agricultural Production - branch of VIM (IAEP-branch of VIM) @ieep_vim
Administration of the Priozersky District @admpriozersk
Webinar program: January 18 13:05-14:15 Panel discussion I Support system for agricultural producers in Russia and Finland
14:15-15:00 Panel discussion II Subsidies as a tool to change the behavior of agricultural producers Finnish and Russian experience
January 19 13:15-14:05 Panel discussion III Organic agriculture. Support types. Experience of Finland and Russia
14:05-14:20 Summing up and closing of the webinar.
Registration for the conference in the profile header
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Merry Chritmas!
Dear project partners!
Despite these difficult times, our joint efforts in 2021 were successful in achieving the project aims and objectives.

As a new year is on the way, we hope for communication and collaboration in future projects and wish you and yours good health, wealth and happiness! In time the world will be a safe place again, and we would gladly welcome you to Saint Petersburg!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Team at the Institute for Engineering and Environmental Problems in Agricultural Production (IEEP) – branch of FSAC VIM, Russia
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Сross-border commonwealth program CBC
Did you know that the EcoAgRAS project was made possible thanks to the CBC cross-border cooperation program?
In addition to solving environmental problems, the program allocates funds for projects related to innovation, education, scientific research, technological development, development of small and medium-sized businesses, environmental protection, climate change adaptation, and disaster prevention and response.
To date, the program has approved 71 projects with a total budget of 70.5 million euros. Of the major infrastructure projects, the following have already been implemented: reconstruction of the seaport of St. Petersburg; Russian-Finnish Biomedical Technopark; safe qualified construction sites. You can read about all projects here:
Next year we also hope to participate as partners in this incredibly useful CBC cross-border cooperation program that promotes the development of the region.
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Lecture on the protection of water bodies in the center of children's and youth creativity in Pushkin
Last Saturday, a lecture was held at the center of youth creativity, as part of the @lugabalt project Ekaterina Vorobieva, EcoAgRAS project manager, told the young residents of St. Petersburg about how important it is to take care of the cleanliness of natural reservoirs, about the role of water in almost every sphere of human life. The children listened with interest to Ekaterina's speech, actively participated in the discussion of water protection issues. And at the end of the lecture, they received gifts and dispersed in a great mood)) #lugabalt2 #lecture #water #cbc
We looked into the separation shop, see how things are going there? We saw how the separator works, which divides organic matter into liquid and solid fractions.

The separation of manure allows us to reduce the humidity to 60-85%, thus we reduce the aging from 12 months. up to 6-9 months Significantly reduces the intensity of odors, requires less storage space.

We are happy that #EcoAgRAS is launched and is already benefiting @pzpervomaiskiy
Testing the Joskin tanker in the field

We are testing one of the best Joskin tanks for organic application. This super machine is equipped with multifunctional pumping systems, a large selection of suction tools, injector and rod equipment, etc. The international agricultural press has recognized the merits of this model by choosing it as the 2017 "Machine of the Year 2017" at the SIMA (SIMA) exhibition in Paris. #cbc #ecoagras #test #sh #technique #Leningrad region #Plodovskoe #priozersk
We are ready to introduce organic matter into the field season
Hooray! Hooray! At the PZ Pervomaisky pilot farm, we are filling our Joskin supermachine with liquid organics in a test mode. In the field season, we will fertilize the soil in an environmentally friendly and odorless way. #joskin #EcoAgRAS #cbc

The modern world of agriculture is developing at a rapid pace. The best available technologies are being introduced everywhere, and environmental requirements for agricultural enterprises are being tightened. Owners of farms need support in the transition to BAT, in the greening of production. On November 30, the Institute of Natural Resources @LUKE and the Agroengineering Institute IAEP @ieep_vim with the participation of @ProAgria will hold an online seminar "Advisory support for agricultural specialists". We will exchange experience with Finnish colleagues on how to help a modern agricultural producer switch to BAT. #workshop #sh #farmer #experience #EcoAgRAS #cbc #together #business

Separation shop has been tested
Our permanent journalist Valentin Bazykin, who is also an excellent expert in agro-engineering and environmental problems, made a video about how manure is separated into liquid and solid fractions in the separation shop. Thanks to the separation, the intensity of odors is significantly reduced; the manure holding period is reduced by half (from 12 months to 6 months) The liquid fraction is an ideal fertilizer, while the solid fraction produces high-quality bedding for cows, which warms in winter and reduces odors from the animal. #EcoAgRAS #cb
The start is coming soon, September 2021
Autumn on the site with the infrustructure
One step before the official opening of the infrustructure
We have already finish the construction activities on the site of #EcoAgRAS and goint to start in September 2021
#EcoAgRAS #cbc @pzpervomaiskiy
AgroRus exhibition 2021
It's just a hurricane outside the window! The sky is covered with gray clouds. And flipping through photos from Agrorus - it's sunny again in my soul. Cordiality to you in the tape, remembering how it was in 2021.
#Ecoagras #cbc #Агрорусь2021 #сельскоехозяйство #буренкаНаталья
Starting up in the live broadcast
We held a teleconference with Agrorus 2021, where the Governor pressed the start button of the infrustructure of the project EcoAgRAS!
#EcoAgRAS #cbc
5 September 2021 in live broadcast we have started the biofermenter #EcoAgRAS #cbc
5 September 2021, backstage from the site.The well-coordinated work of the team allowed the launch to be carried out without adventures.
#EcoAgRAS #cbc
The AgroRus exhibition was held in September 2021, at Expoforum. It was full of business acquaintances and meetings. At the stand of the Priozersky district, we showed our EcoAgRAS environmental project. Governor Drozdenko pressed the symbolic start button, launching the biofermenter.
AgroRUS 2021
Over Valentine's left shoulder, Natalia can be seen making a promenade at the Agrorus exhibition))
Our expert Valentin for these 2 years has already got used to monitoring construction sites in Plodovoye every Friday. And now, when the work is almost completed, we are proud to show the results of the joint work of a large team at the stand of the Priozersky district. Come to #Agrorus2021 and look there for the Priozersky district, a green cow with the inscription #Ecoagras and this cute guy)
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"Natalia" with one hoof in government circles)
Natalia cow cames to the Agrorus exhibition. She has an important mission at the stand of the partner of the #Ecoagras project of the Priozersky District Administration. But while shh, preparations are underway. And not only in the Expoforum, where Agrorus will be held, but also in the Fruit on the site with infrastructure. Scroll through the tape, and you will find out everything on September 3rd! #ecoagras #cbc #буренка наталья #ИАЭП #сельскоехозяйство #международныепроекты.
30.08.2021 Our second of four planned excursions to the site of the pilot enterprise in the village Plodovoe. On Friday, August 20th, the Pervomaisky Plemkhoz met the directors of agricultural enterprises of the Leningrad region, who came to see the completed infrastructure facility.
On this day, the sun was shining and it was raining, and the participants were satisfied. Watch our report from the scene. Timecodes for the interview: Among the participants were also representatives of the Governing Body of the cross-border cooperation program Valentina Rimmovna Chaplinskaya, representatives of the auditing company "NVK".
0:49 Pavlov Aleksey - Director of PZ Pervomayskiy
2:18 Ramazanov Magomed - Director of the SEC "field", SEC ryabovskiy
2:40 Alexey Solodovnikov V. - GBOLO "Station on fight against diseases of animals Priozersky district"
3:13 Chaplinskaya Valentina - Managing authority of the Programme for cross-border cooperation Russia-South-East Finland, branch in St. Petersburg
4:03 Bryukhanov Alexander - , Scientific Director of the EcoAgRAS project, Acting Director of IEEP- branch VIM
4:57 Vorobyeva Ekaterina - Manager of international projects of IEEP- branch VIM
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Excursion for heads of agricultural enterprises
EcoAgRAS we remember how it was built
Google sent a photo from August 11, 2019. It was we who came to Plodovoye for the pilot site. Only 4 months have passed since the signing of the grand contract with the Governing Body of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program. We are preparing for the first meeting of the steering group, the borders are open and Finnish colleagues can come to us easily and simply. There in the photo we don't know yet that steep turns are waiting for us ahead: a pandemic, lockdown, closed borders and jumps in the Euro exchange rate of 30 rubles.
We don't know yet that we will come up with the idea of using a drone and live broadcasts from the site to stay in touch with partners from Finland, that zoom and teams will become our faithful companions, we don't know that the future will come so soon. A lot of things have happened in 2 years. The infrastructure is ready, new ways to be connected have been mastered, the world is adapting to new realities, the project team has hardened and honed creative thinking. Thank you Google for reminding us where we started from). #EcoAgRAS #cbc #сельскоехозяйство
Environmental protection
Any boy on a skateboard would dream of taking a ride from our concrete slides) but these slopes are not needed for stunt stunts) This method of concreting is necessary to reliably protect the soil from manure leaks. In the event of a storage breach, all cattle waste will remain on the surface and can be easily disposed of.
And Valentin shares with us the wonderful news about the completion of construction works and preparations for the launch of the #Ecoagras complex into operation.
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Rally "Road to milk"
On August 2, @pzpervomaiskiy hosted participants of the road to milk rally. The rally gathered farmers from different parts of the country under its banners: from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Bashkortostan. The #ECOAGRAS team conducted a tour for the participants on the lower and upper platforms of the pilot enterprise. Manager Ekaterina Vorobyeva @vorobyeva1393 and expert Eduard Vasiliev told the guests about the infrastructure of the EcoAgRAS project - a system for collecting and processing cattle manure. The crews of the rally took a lively part in the discussion of the conversion of manure into organic fertilizers.
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PZ "Novoladozhsky" conducted test work of machines Joskin
The stage of training and exchange of experience with specialists of the agricultural sector of the Leningrad region is in full swing. Colleagues from other breeding farms are keenly interested in the technological solutions of the #Ecoagras project. Since the acquisition of Joskin intra-soil application machines, they have aroused great interest among many colleagues. The example of the #Ecoagras project was followed by the Novoladozhsky breeding plant and acquired a similar technique for himself.Specialists saw their advantages and benefits, and at the beginning of July this year conducted field tests. Colleagues, we wish you success and share our experience further! See the story about the test operation of the machines in the feed.
A look at the project from the inside
Do you know the feeling when as a child you wanted to disassemble an interesting toy and see how it works from the inside? In the #Ecoagras project, we can satisfy this desire and see how a large infrastructure is created and works at each stage, the team's expert Valentin Bazykin helps us with this. He is on the site from the zero cycle and captures the dynamics of the project step by step: from an uncultivated plot of land to a large-scale technological complex. Watch Valentine's new video with unique footage of the biofermenter launch from the separation shop. #cbc
Hot summer is not a hindrance for construction work on the pilot farm of EcoAgRAS
On these hot days, when you so want to bask in the sun by the water, the #Ecoagras team has completed construction work on the lower site of the pilot farm. There are still installation, commissioning and landscaping. The approaches to the manure storage barrels have already been filled with concrete. Roofing works are being completed in the separation shop. Electric cables are laid inside the power plant to power the bioreactor and process equipment. Good weather helps us to work according to the planned plan. We follow the news with you. #cbc
On-line excursion for the steering group EcoAgRAS
Not all partners have the opportunity to visit the pilot site in the Plodovoye settlement in the Priozersky districtsince last year. We have found a solution and have been conducting an online tour with using a drone at each steering group meeting.We show on-line the current state at the site where the infrastructure is constructed. #EcoAgRAS #cbc
with the help of a drone, we conduct online excursions for our foreign colleagues

Construction of the separation shop at the final stage

News from the pilot farm of the EcoAgRAS project in the village of Plodovoye, where construction is in full swing. The work on the construction of the separation shop has ended and soon the steel heart of the biofermenter will beat in it. The building of the workshop is sheathed with sandwich panels, insulated, windows are inserted in the walls of the room. Power cables are connected to all four storages for the power supply of the agitators in them.Preparatory work is underway for concreting the entire site. We follow the news from the construction site #Ecoagras together with you. #cbc

Natalia cow at the "Field Day 2021"

Our star Burenka Natalia today has every chance to get acquainted with the real governor! And all because he takes part in an important regional event "Field Day of the Leningrad region 2021". It is held by the Leningrad Region Agro-Industrial Complex Committee, a partner of the international environmental project "Eco Grass".
Plenary sessions will be held at the celebration with the participation of agronomists and engineers; representatives of science, heads of leading enterprises.
Natalia cow found a place at the exhibition, among new models of machinery and equipment, a traditional exhibition of seeds, mineral and organic fertilizers, growth stimulants, plant protection products, feed additives and other products and services.
#EcoAgRAS #cbc

First excursion tothe pilot site

The first excursion to the facility in Plodovoye took place.
Specialists from the Agrarian Institute and IAEP got acquainted with the infrastructure object, were able to touch it with their hands. The group looked with great interest at the impressive Joskin machines, learned about the biofermenter and estimated the size of manure storage facilities live.

#EcoAgRAS #cbc
The magic talisman of the project
The magic cow Natalia has reached us) She is a very sociable, cheerful girl, leads an active lifestyle. Burenka plans to visit the cities of the Leningrad region, meet with fans, make new friends. We will keep you up to date with the events at the cow)
#буренкаНаталья #CowNatalia #EcoAgRAS
The 4th PSG meeting
The 4th PSG meeting of the large infrastructure project EcoAgRAS took place in the rural settlement Plodovoye.
The meeting was attended by the project partners: the Committee for the Agroindustrial and Fisheries Complex of the Leningrad Region, the Priozersk District Administration, the Finnish Institute of Natural Resources (LUKE).
Representatives of the Governing Body of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation joined to the meeting online.
For the second time, the format of live feed from the construction site and demonstration with the help of a drone of work in real time was successfully tested.
The lead partner of the project, the Institute of Agroengineering and Environmental Problems of Agricultural Production - a branch of VIM, informed about the progress of work for the construction of the infrastructure at the site of the pilot enterprise. Capacity building and educational events will start in the end of summer and autumn, events will improve competencies and train specialists both on the example of the created infrastructure (excursions and trainings are planned at the site of the PZ "Plemkhoz Pervomayskiy"), and within the framework of the online webinars "School of Farmers".
The official opening of the infrastructure facility is scheduled for the summer of 2021. You can find news from the EcoAgRAS project site on our website and on Instagram social networks VK and facebook @ecoagras

The biofermenter has arrived at Plodovoe settlement

The biofermenter was mounted on the site of Pervomaysky pilot farm despite yesterday's snowfall and not very friendly weather. The size of our green "handsome" unit is impressive)))
On February 15, the Agro-Industrial Complex Committee of the Leningrad Region discussed an interactive tool for distribution of an organic fertilizers on the territory of Leningrad Region and a plan for technical re-equipment of agricultural enterprises. Chairman of the Committee Oleg Mikhailovich Malaschenko after the presentation of the scientific leader of the #EcoAgRAS project: "This is what I have been waiting for." We will work further!

Doctor of Technical Sciences, scientific director of the project Alexander Yuryevich Bryukhanov talks about the principles of the system.
News from the fields :)
Working meeting of Ecoagras experts with the management of the pilot farm News from the fields :), our team have done the official visit to the pilot farm. We held a working meeting, discussing with the heads of the breeding farm the readiness of tanks for storing liquid fraction of cattle manure. The construction activities are within the working plan. The New Year's souvenirs have finally been brought to the owners!
Working meeting of Ecoagras experts with the management of the pilot farm
Working moments of the meeting
Ecoagras employs the most beautiful experts )
Working moments of the meeting, we discuss the construction of a workshop for the separation of the liquid fraction of KRC
Souvenirs have finally arrived to their owners!
Experts of the international environmental project Ecoagras
Working moments of the meeting
Scientific Director of the Ecoagras project Alexander Yuryevich Bryukhanov
Viktor Khazanov, Engineer, designer of the Ecoagras project
Natalia Shkrebey representative of the Priozersky district administration, project partner
Антон Захаров, участник проекта Ecoaras
Ready-to-store barrels
Natalia Vasilyeva, Ecoagras Project Assistant
Manure storage tanks
Director of the plemkhoz Pervomaysky Alexey Pavlov
Discussion of the construction of the Ecoagras project infrastructure
Construction of a unit for manure separating into liquid and solid fractions

Inform you what is going on at the construction site for the installation of tanks for storing liquid fraction of manure within the framework of the international project #EcoAgRAS. At the moment, all 4 containers are scalded, it remains to clean the seams with acid, but this requires a positive temperature. It needs to lay pipelines to the barrels. This type of work is difficult because there is a lot of snowfall. At this stage, the unit for separating manure into solid and liquid fractions is being erected. The formwork has formed, the walls of the workshop have been filled in. On January 26th we are going to accept tanks from builders.


Monitoring systems for the production and turnover of organic fertilizers in the Leningrad region

We have done the first version of the Interactive tool, which allows shareholders to monitor the manure management in the Leningrad Region. The tool assists in the coordination of the use of organic fertilizers produced in the Leningrad Region, taking into account environmental and economic indicators. Monitoring process consists the maintaining of the database and displaying the current situation about agricultural organizations based on a geo-basis (map of the Leningrad Region): livestock (increase, decrease), specialization, available agricultural land for the application of organic fertilizers, technological solutions for processing manure / dung in organic fertilizer, indicators and parameters of the received organic fertilizer, its logistics (distribution of all received organic fertilizer between the enterprises - suppliers (more fertilizer is formed than is used in their fields) and enterprises - consumers (more fertilizer is needed than is produced)). Now the program is being tested internally, the design is being finalized, but we can already show something. It turns out something incredibly interesting.
#ecoagras #cbc

New Year gifts from Murkot agency

New Year gifts from Murkot agency
We have prepared amazing New Year gifts for the project participants. New conditions of online communication have made changes in the process of giving gifts. Now we first show them and describe their concept, and only after that we will pack and send them to Finland, to Priozersk, to St. Petersburg. So, drum roll and all the attention to the photos.
This is the art object. 11 sculptural compositions are completely exclusively handcrafted. 3D model from the BIM model of the project is used for the composition, the figure of a bull as a thematic character - the symbol of 2021, the cylinder symbolizes the biofermenter, at the same time being a holder for stationery. The creation process has become a unique combination of modern 3D modeling techniques and classical modeling techniques.
The master model has been recreated using jewelry technique and hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paints. This unique art object is the result of work the creative team of the Murkot marketing agency. It's a pleasure to run a communication company with these guys! We have a separate post planned for them, and now admire and if anything, contact us - we will share the contacts of the communication handymen!
#ecoagras #cbc

Amazing machines have arrived at our site

Our amazing machines for applying organic fertilizer have arrived at the site of the pilot farm in Plodovoe. An intelligent system installed on the machines makes sure that the covered fields are not fertilized twice. All work processes (speed, application dose, amount of fertilizer in the tank, etc.) are displayed on the operator's monitor. These technological innovations will ensure minimal emissions and odors when applying fertilizers to fields.

Working meeting on the results of the development

Working meeting on the results of the development of the tool for monitoring the distribution of manure between agricultural enterprises in the Leningrad region.
One of the most anticipated results of the EcoAgRAS project. After all, it is not enough to create infrastructure - it is necessary to optimize the interaction between crop and livestock enterprises.
#ecoagras #cbc #murkot


Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Hurray, hurray, hurray! Our project has had a great honor - we received the Communication Award 2020 in the Russia-South-East Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020. It is especially honorable for us to receive the award this year, because it is not easy to communicate in the usual format due to the restrictions in the COVID-19 pandemic. But for our team of communicators and project experts, this has become a new challenge, which we seem to be coping well with. Wait tomorrow stories for the brightest communication moments of the project in 2019 and 2020

Installation of the tanks for manure storage continues in Plodovoye

Installation of the tanks for manure storage continues in Plodovoye settlement
The construction of the infrastructure at the pilot farm site in the Plodovoye under the EcoAgRAS project is going on. The three of the four tanks for storing the liquid fraction of manure have been doing.. The storage facilities are striking in their size. The volume of each tank is 6,000 square meters, and the diameter of the base is 40 m. For comparison, the total area of the bases of these storage facilities is comparable to the size of the Palace Square.
And inside one such tank could fit an ordinary rural house.
#ecoagras #cbc #murkot


IEEP leading experts at OKAN site

The technical part of the production of a biofermenter has ended. The device is designed to convert the solid fraction of manure into organic fertilizers in our infrastructure system. The technical commission of the IEEP-branch VIM carries out acceptance procedure at the site of the OKAN manufacturer.
#ecoagras #cbc #murkot

We present our new section on the web-site about our experts.

Dear friends! The project has been going on for over a year. The construction is being successfully implemented. The management team has a good impression of the pace and quality of construction.
Due to the pandemic, our ability to communicate is severely limited. But sharing impressions, opinions and being a team is still very important. Meanwhile, the team of our project has very interesting experts from both the Russian and Finnish sides. Among them are employees from our IEEP, experts from the Finnish Institute of Natural Resources (LUKE), from the Priozersky District Municipality, the Committee of Agro-Industrial Complex of LO, and from the pilot enterprise of the Pervomaisky breeding farm. Therefore, we are opening a section on the site where our experts talk about themselves and the work they do in the project. In our new section, experts will talk about their work, achievements, so that you can see what interesting Russian and Finnish specialists our project has assembled.
#ecoagras #cbc #murkot

Meeting of the first working group in the summer of 2019

3rd Meeting of the project steering group
On October 22, 2020, on the territory of the Pervomayskiy Breeding Plant, the 3rd Meeting of the Steering Group of the Project "Introduction of an Environmentally Safe Agricultural System as the Basis for Sustainable Development of Border Rural Areas" (EcoAgRAS) was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Program - Jukka Pekka Bergman and Anu Hannola on Zoom, expert of the South-East Finland - Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020 - Chaplinskaya V.R., project partners Izosimova A.A. (Committee on Agroindustrial and Fisheries Complex of the Leningrad Region), N.V. Shkribey (Administration of the municipal district "Priozersky municipal district of the Leningrad region"), A.V. Pavlov (director of the pilot enterprise JSC "PZ" Pervomaisky "), Harri Huhta, (researcher at the Institute of Natural Resources of Finland, zoom). As part of the meeting, an online tour of the construction site was held for the Finnish partners with a presentation of the work already carried out and planned. Scientific supervisor of the project Bryukhanov A.Yu. spoke with information about the achieved results and current activities within the project. The Managing Authority and partners noted that the project is a good example for the development of such infrastructure everywhere. The Director of PZ Pervomaysky JSC thanked the project team for the step towards minimizing the environmental impact of agricultural activities in the pilot area. As a result of the meeting, it was noted that, despite the difficulties and limitations associated with the epidemiological situation, the work is being carried out by all partners in the planned schedule and the grand opening of the facility is planned in spring.
#EcoAgRAS #cbc
Construction works
Construction work on the creation of infrastructure for the Pervomaysky PZ is in full swing: the foundations for the barrels are already poured.
#EcoAgRAS #cbc
Company selected for construction and installation works
The tender procedure of a company selection for construction activities, equipment supply and comissioning at the pilot farm Pervomaysky has completed on the last week within the framework of the EcoAgRAS project.
Experienced construction company Lomonosovskaya LLC, which has positively established itself in the Leningrad region, has been recognized as the winner.
Last week, the tender procedure was completed to select a company to perform construction and installation works, equipping with the necessary equipment (supply, installation and commissioning).
Getting ready for construction! In the video below, we are discussing with the Administration of Plodovoy and pilot farm Pervomaisky preparations for the construction and holding the 3rd Steering Group meeting. Good mood)!
Two fertilizer application machines has been completed
The production of one of the two fertilizer application machines has been completed at the factory in Belgium; it is currently being set up for an intelligent system. See you in Russia soon.
3D visualization of the manure management process
Experts from "Infraecoproject" has created 3D visualization of the manure management process which is goint to be implemented on the site of breeding farm "Pervomaiskiy" within the large infrastructure project of CBC Programme South-East Finland-Russia EcoAgRAS. Constructed system will allow to be more effective in the manure management and will enhance in whole the ecological situtation in the Priozerst District.
Working group online conference
Project partners and the pilot farm has carried out the online working meeting to discuss the current project activities and additional requirements within the limits of Covid-19.
The pilot farm is located in the "yellow zone" of the Leningrad region and its allow to continue constructing activities in the frame of infrastructure part of the EcoAgRAS project. Activities must be implemented taking into consideration the special conditions for the workforce on the site of the pilot enterprise. All additional requirements will be included in the terms of reference for the tender documentation for construction work.
Draft Terms of Reference specifications for the creation of an interactive program that allows monitoring the management of livestock / poultry waste and coordinating the use of organic fertilizers has been completed as part of the scientific-research activities on the project.
Happy Victory Day!
Holidays are over, on May 9 we all honored the heroes of the Patriotic War and celebrated the 75th anniversary of the victory. At the same time, our pilot enterprise PZ Pervomaisky JSC celebrates the 75th anniversary on the same days
2nd meeting of the steering group of the EcoAgRAS project
March 18, 2020 in IAEP-branch of FSBIU FNATs VIM held the 2nd
meeting of the steering group of the project "Implementation of an environmentally friendly agricultural system as the basis for sustainable development of border rural areas" EcoAgRAS. The meeting was attended by an expert from the representative office of the cross-border cooperation program South-East Finland - Russia 2014-2020 Chaplinskaya V.R., project partners A. A. Isosimova (Committee on the agroindustrial and fishery complex of the Leningrad region), Shkribey N.V. (Administration of Moscow Region Priozersky Municipal District of the Leningrad Region), Pavlov A.V. (Director of the pilot enterprise of Pervomaisky PZ joint-stock company), Harri Hohta, (scientificInstitute of Natural Resources of Finland, via Skype).
The meeting was chaired by the vice-chairman of the steering group of the project
Director of the IAEP - a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Professional Education VIMS Trifanov A.V. Project Scientific Leader Bruchanov A.Yu. reported on the results of the first year of the project. According to the work plan, the first stage of eco-monitoring was carried out, an information campaign was launched to cover the results of the project. The design of the infrastructure facility was carried out using BIM modeling, a positive conclusion was obtained from the state examination for the construction of infrastructure on the site of the pilot enterprise. Regarding the implementation of research work, together with Finnish partners, a report was prepared on the "Scientific substantiation of environmental sustainability and safety of agricultural production".
All project materials are published in Russian and English on the project website
Currently, work is underway on Work Package 3. Development of a tool for regional executive bodies and local authorities for monitoring the handling of organic raw materials from agricultural production. In the near future, a tender is planned for construction work and equipment.
An expanded meeting of the EcoAgRAS project working group
On February 13, 2020, the Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries of the Leningrad Region held an expanded meeting of the working group on the project "Implementation of an environmentally friendly agricultural system as the basis for sustainable development of border rural areas" - EcoAgRAS. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region, the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries of the Leningrad Region OM Malashchenko, the Head of the Administration of the Priozersky Municipal District of the Leningrad Region Municipal Formation Soklakov AN, Director of PZ Pervomaisky JSC Pavlov A .V., Representative of the Governing Body of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program South-East Finland - Russia 2014-2020 Chaplinskaya V.R.

Project Scientific Leader Bruchanov A.Yu. reported on the results of the first year of the project, announced the work plan for 2020. Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region Malashchenko OM He noted the importance of the project and the relevance of the results for all farms of the Leningrad region. Head of the Administration of the Municipal Formation "Priozersky Municipal District of the Leningrad Region" A.N. Soklakov noted that already the first year of the project has brought significant benefits in matters related to environmental protection.

From IAEP - a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution of Scientific and Practical Funds of VIM, the meeting was attended by A.Yu. Bruchanov, E.A. Vorobyova, N.S.
The Report on the results of WP1 is published
REPORT LIP 1601-KS1441 Project "Introduction of the ecological system of agriculture is the basis for sustainable development of border rural area – EcoAgRAS" Of South-East Finland – Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 WP 1. Scientific justification of sustainability and environmental safety of production is published on media page
Project steering and working groups established
To implement a major infrastructure project EcoAgRAS, a project steering and working group has been created. The first meeting of the steering group with a visit to the site of the pilot enterprise JSC Plemkhoz Pervomaisky will be held on August 29, 2019. The event will be attended by representatives of the Governing Body of the Program and Project Partners. Participants will discuss progress in the implementation of the project for the first 6 months from the start of work.
Reporting of the Leningrad Regional Television about the Pervomaisky PZ


A modern system for processing biowaste will appear in the Priozersky district of the Leningrad Region as part of an environmental project for a cross-border cooperation program with Finland, the press service of the 47-region government reports.
The corresponding agreement was signed in the framework of the agricultural exhibition "Agrorus".
It is specified that the processing system will be launched on the basis of the Pervomaisky breeding plant.
In addition, it is planned to create a control system for agricultural waste in the Leningrad region. It will also be used to distribute fertilizers in the region.
With the help of the project, it is expected that it will be possible to improve the environment in the border areas and in the Baltic Sea basin.
LIP project
The first tender purchases
In accordance with the work plan for work package 2 (WP2), the first tender purchases were held on August 14. Contracts with the winners were signed until August 23. Lot for the purchase of equipment for manure removal and necessary construction work will be announced in late September - early October.
Fertilizers without peat. Pervomaysky tribal plant received a grant of 2.5 million euros for the processing of biowaste

The Pervomaisky tribal plant in the Priozersky district of the Leningrad Region received a grant from the European Union for the EcoAgRAS project in the amount of 2.5 million euros. The project involves the creation of a modern environmental safety system at the plant - primarily the processing of biowaste. They plan to implement it in 3 years.

According to Ekaterina Vorobyeva, EcoAgRAS project manager, the main environmental problem of livestock breeding enterprises in the Leningrad Region is an excess of manure and the absence of a system for its disposal.

Additive Cocktail
Environmentalists are concerned that the mass oversaturated with trace elements is washed off through groundwater into the Baltic Sea, which leads to its pollution. The project was developed as part of a cross-border cooperation program with Finland. It will also help in the selection of technologies and their implementation in production.

The Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Problems of Agricultural Production (IAEP), together with the Finnish Institute of Natural Resources (Luke), proposed the company to process manure into organic fertilizer. To do this, the plant will erect a modern indoor complex for the separation of waste into fractions and further biofermentation.

"It will come out not only environmentally friendly, but also economical. According to old standards for the production of fertilizers, we have to add peat to manure. Previously, the state provided them, but now the purchase will be more expensive than the introduction of modern technologies without the use of peat," says the director of JSC Breeding Plant "May Day" Alexei Pavlov.

Awaiting Monitoring
Environmentally friendly technologies will cost a total of 3.1 million euros, that is, the plant itself will add 572 thousand euros to the grant amount. The bulk of the funds (90%) will be spent on infrastructure construction, the IAEP said. They plan to complete the construction of the complex in a year, and in two more - to increase the share of waste processing up to 80%.

It is assumed that in 3 years such a system will operate at all livestock enterprises in the region and even integrate them into a single monitoring network. Environmentalists plan to teach businessmen how to keep records of waste generation and efficiently allocate resources.

"To make competent management decisions in agriculture, there is currently a lack of correctly provided data from enterprises. We plan to develop a unified technological regulation for reporting and integration into a special information system," adds Ekaterina Vorobyeva.
Field Day in the Ryazan Region
Within the framework of Field Day in the Ryazan Region, the project scientific director A.Yu. As part of the exchange of experience between the Leningrad and Ryazan regions, he presented the main goals and objectives of the EcoAgRAS project. The event was attended by the Governor of the Ryazan Region Lyubimov Nikolai Viktorovich, Director of the Department for the Coordination of Activities of Organizations in the Field of Agricultural Sciences Bagirov Vugar Alievich, Academician of the RAS Lachuga Yuri Fedorovich.
The introduction of an environmentally friendly agricultural system as the basis for sustainable development of border rural areas
In the framework of the project "Implementation of an environmentally friendly agricultural system as the basis for sustainable development of border rural areas", relevant information on the state of 140 agricultural enterprises of the Leningrad Region was collected and analyzed. This will allow, in accordance with the work schedule for Work Package 1 (WP1), to complete the preparation of a fertilizer distribution system in September.
Leningrad region FOR greening agricultural activities
At the site of the 29th AGRORUS International Agro-Industrial Exhibition-Fair (June 10-12, 2019, St. Petersburg, Expoforum), the Partnership Agreement was solemnly signed as part of the implementation of a major infrastructure project for the Russia-Southeast Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014- 2020 "Implementation of an environmentally friendly agricultural system as the basis for sustainable development of border rural areas" (EcoAgRAS) "in accordance with grant contract No. 17086-LIP1601-KS1441.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries of the Leningrad Region Malashchenko Oleg Mikhailovich,

Director of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Ecological Problems of Agricultural Production - a branch of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Federal Scientific Agro-Engineering Center VIM", (IAEP - a branch of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution VNATS VIM) Trifanov Alexey Valerievich,

Head of the Administration of the Municipal Formation "Priozersky Municipal District of the Leningrad Region" Alexander Soklakov,

Director of the Joint-Stock Company "Pervomaisky Tribal Plant" (JSC "PZ" Pervomaisky ") Pavlov Alexey Valerevich.

The parties confirmed their readiness to provide assistance, within the framework of their authority, for the development of infrastructure to create an effective system for handling manure and improve the environmental situation in the border area and prevent pollution of water bodies in the catchment of the Baltic Sea. To fulfill, within the framework of its authority, the tasks of the project to ensure environmental safety and improve the environment of rural areas by introducing a system of technological and managerial decisions and developing infrastructure for manure processing. Contribute to the achievement of the expected changes that will occur due to the implementation of the project - the greening of the agricultural system in the Leningrad Region.

Contact person for information
Ekaterina Vorobyeva, project manager,
tel, watsapp + 7 905 222 94 37
Launched a large agricultural infrastructure project in the Leningrad region
The project "Implementation of an environmentally friendly agricultural system as the basis for sustainable development of border rural areas" (EcoAgRAS) has been implemented in the Leningrad Region for 3 years.

The project partners are the Committee on the Agricultural and Fisheries of the Leningrad Region, the Administration of the Priozersky District of the Leningrad Region, and the Institute of Natural Resources of Finland (LUKE).

The leading partner of the project is IAEP - a branch of the FSBIU FNATs VIM).

The global goal of the project is to improve the environmental safety and environmental quality of the rural territory by creating a system of design, technical, technological and managerial solutions and infrastructure for the disposal of livestock and poultry farms. Priozersky was selected as the pilot district of the Leningrad Region, and JSC "Plemkhoz Pervomaiskoe" was chosen as a pilot agricultural enterprise. The total project budget is 3 million 150 thousand Euros, of which 90% will be spent on the construction of infrastructure on the site of the pilot enterprise. The co-financing of the project is 20% of its cost and is mainly provided by the means of the pilot enterprise in the amount of 520,000 Euros.

The infrastructure built during the implementation of the project will become a demonstration platform for the application of the best available technologies for the management of manure and litter on livestock and poultry farms of the region.

Contact person for information

Ekaterina Vorobyeva, project manager, + 7 905 222 94 37